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At Thomas Law, our Evansville Indiana weapons & gun charges defense lawyer is a strong, aggressive advocate for clients. With experience practicing in federal and state courts in Southern Indiana, Jared Michel Thomas will protect your rights. If you or your loved one was charged with a weapons or firearms offense, we can help. To set up a strictly confidential consultation with a top-rated Indiana criminal defense lawyer, please call us at 812-492-1900 or send us a message directly through our website.

An Overview of Weapons & Gun Charges in Indiana

Evansville Weapons & Gun Charges Defense LawyerIndiana is widely considered to be a state that is friendly toward gun rights. While the reputation is legitimate, it would be a big mistake to assume that our state does not take weapons/firearm charges seriously. There are many different (strict) criminal statutes on the books regulating weapon possession, distribution, and use. Many of these offenses carry felony penalties. At Thomas Law, we handle the full range of state and federal gun crimes. Among other types of weapons charges, our Indiana criminal defense lawyer can assist you with:

  • Carrying of a Handgun without a Valid License: Under Indiana Code § 35-47-2-1, it is unlawful to carry a handgun in public unless you have a valid license. Though, there are a few limited exceptions—such as for transportation to a shooting range. Notably, you do not need a license for a rifle or shotgun under this state statute.
  • Possession of a Gun by a Violent Felon: Under Indiana Code § 35-47-4-5, individuals classified as serious violent felons are strictly prohibited from possessing a firearm. A person convicted of rape, murder, or aggravated battery may be charged under this statute. Unlawful weapons possession by a violent felon is a Level 4 felony offense in Indiana.
  • Providing False Information to Obtain a Weapon: When you buy or apply for a firearm in Indiana, you are often required to provide certain information. Under Indiana Code § 35-47-2-17, you can be charged with a level 5 felony offense if you knowingly give false information.
  • Unauthorized Possession on School Grounds: Under Indiana Code § 35-47-9-2, the unauthorized possession of a firearm on school grounds is strictly prohibited. A person who violates this state statute can be charged with a level 6 felony offense.
  • Destroying Identification Marks: Under Indiana Code § 35-47-2-18, it is a serious criminal offense to intentionally remove the identification marks—such as the make, model, or serial number—from a handgun. A violation of this statute is a Level 5 felony offense in Indiana.
  • Unlawful Brandishing of a Weapon: Under Indiana Code § 35-47-4-3, it is illegal to point a gun at another person except for the purposes of self-defense or the lawful defense of another person or property. It is not a crime if you have just cause to point your weapon. As an example, if someone broke into your home, you have the right to protect yourself and your family. The unlawful brandishing of a weapon can be charged as a felony criminal offense in Indiana. It is illegal for you to knowingly or intentionally point a firearm at another person. However, the crime is only a misdemeanor if you can prove that the firearm was not loaded at the time of the incident.
  • Criminal Recklessness: In some cases, weapons & gun charges are brought under the statute for criminal recklessness. Indiana Code § 35-42-2-2 essentially defines criminal recklessness as a type of battery. It is knowing, intentional, or simply reckless behavior that puts another person at risk. For example, discharge of a weapon in the direction of another person—even without any intent to cause harm or any actual harm—could be charged as criminal recklessness in Indiana. If a firearm was discharged, criminal recklessness is a Level 5 felony offense.

We Defend Federal Firearms Charges in Southern Indiana

Similar to most other criminal charges, weapons and gun cases typically fall under state law. That being said, some firearms charges are brought by federal prosecutors. Indeed, the federal government may have jurisdiction over a weapons offense in a wide range of different circumstances—from alleged distribution across state lines to a convicted felon being found in possession of a firearm. At Thomas Law, we have extensive experience representing clients in federal court. If you or someone you know was arrested on a federal weapons charge in Southern Indiana, please contact our Evansville criminal defense attorney for immediate assistance with your case.

How Indiana Gun Charges Defense Lawyer Jared Michel Thomas Can Help Protect Your Rights

State and federal weapons charges are a serious matter. They carry the potential for harsh sanctions, including significant jail time. With deep experience representing clients in complex cases, Evansville, IN criminal defense attorney Jared Michel Thomas is more than ready to get started advocating for your rights. Among other things, our Indiana legal team will:

  • Conduct an in-depth review of the weapons charges
  • Answer your questions and explain your legal options
  • Investigate the case—gathering the evidence you need
  • Build a personalized defense strategy focused on protecting your rights

We are committed to treating our clients with care, compassion, respect, and the highest standards of professionalism. You are never just another number with Thomas Law. We know how much you and your family have on the line in a firearms/weapon case. Our Indiana defense lawyer provides personalized legal representation to each and every client.

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At Thomas Law, our Indiana criminal defense lawyer is an aggressive, results-driven advocate for clients. Jared Michel Thomas is qualified to defend you against state and federal firearms charges. If you or your family member was arrested for a weapons-related offense, we are more than ready to get started on your case. Contact us at 812-492-1900 to set up your fully confidential, no-obligation initial consultation. From our law office in Evansville, we serve communities throughout all of Southern Indiana, including in Vanderburgh County, Posey County, Warrick County, and Spencer County.

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